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All of the lights.
Griffith Park - we get fall in L.A.

"I hope you’re happy! I hope you’re happy now! I hope you’re happy how you hurt your cause forever. I hope you think you’re clever!"
Here’s a quicksketch of my concept art. Having a lot of fun listening, reading, researching. This is only the beginning. It’s time to try defying gravity.

This is so awesome.


So my husband are listening to the Eleanor and Park audiobook. The narrators are fantastic and we’re already on the second disc! He keeps pausing the disc to ask questions or comment. When Eleanor and Park are talking about the female superheros and their powers, Eleanor lists a couple of them. Jose pauses the disc and says, “Rogue”. I laugh and want to get back to the story so I don’t get into with him.

Okay, this is actually what I wanted to talk about. So he turns off the disc (again) and asks:

Jose: So what do you think Eleanor looks like? How do you picture her?

Me: I don’t think, I know.

And then I just start talking about the awesome Simini Blocker. He proceeded to say that he pictured Merida from Brave, haha, not a bad guess. I can’t wait to show him Simini’s art though, she was spot on, at least in my head. :)


Owl mid-flight - Imgur
Long exposure of fireflies just before dark - Imgur
Real-life Merida - Imgur

Thanks, mermaidhannahsgarden! This is awesome!

I just finished this really great book and I can’t stop thinking about it. Julia is a junior in high school and she travels with 19 other students and her teacher to London for an educational experience. Her best friend wasn’t able to make the trip and she’s sort of stuck with some kids she doesn’t really get along with or have much in common. It’s a story that takes place in about 10 days…it will make you laugh, tear up just a little, smile and blush. Julia gets to visit a lot of awesome places you may or may not be familiar with. Proper review to come but just look at this cover, it’s just a taste of how awesome the book is. Meant to Be comes out in November!  Add it to your to be read list on Goodreads.
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