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It’s the final It’s Not Summer Without Jenny Han Giveaway! We’re giving away the perfect summer prize pack including books by @missjennyhan!

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I love my pups! 🐶🐶
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Japan voted instant noodles as their best invention of the 20th century. Karaoke took 2nd place, while Pokemon came in 8th.

If only more people thought like this.



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I got this beautiful yadykates custom piece (which I begged her to make for me after seeing this piece she made in honor of Landline’s release) a couple days ago; it just took me till now to photograph it. It was inspired by Rainbow Rowell’s latest book, Landline. But to me it evokes memories of my childhood in Omaha, staying up late (because long-distance rates were cheaper) to say hello to my grandparents in California, watching my mom twisting the curly phone cord as she chatted, smiling, with her parents half a country away. Thank you so much, Kady! I owe you a dottery mug. :-)

(More of Kady’s beautiful art is available through her Etsy shop, Yady Kates.)

"Yeah, well, welcome to New York." "Thank you!"